The amazing journey of Hypnotherapy through the eyes of Alan Gilchrist,
 Northern Ireland’s most popular Hypnotherapist. 

Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis in Belfast

When I began practising Hypnosis in Belfast over 26 years ago naming my centre, the Belfast Hypnotherapy Centre. I never thought as well as having Hypnosis Centres in Northern Ireland  I would also have Hypnosis Centres in Spain, on the Costa Blanca.

People very often ask me why my style of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Northern Ireland and Spain is different from the conventional way.

It all stems back to my early years as a Hypnotherapist in Belfast in the early 80's.

Back then Hypnotherapy in Northern Ireland was a new alternative treatment and many people viewed it with  great scepticism. Having trained as an Analytical Hypnotherapist, I opened a small Hypnosis Centre in Belfast and started to treat clients. At the time one of the Sunday newspapers  wrote a feature on me, and word started to get round there was this Hypnotherapist in Belfast who could help
to sort people out with their problems.

From that one news item about Hypnosis it just started to grow. I saw the employed, unemployed, multi millionaires, TV, Radio and sports
personalities, people from every walk of life (to date I have seen well over 55,000 + people).

Hypnosis Clinics in Northern Ireland

In a short space of time I had 7 Hypnotherapy Clinics in Northern Ireland and working 7 days a week flat out. People were coming to see me for various reasons and problems, among them, the common ones such as to Stop Smoking Hypnosis in under 30 minutes or Lose Weight Hypnosis.

However, being in practice in Northern Ireland Hypnotherapy was completely different from Mainland UK due to the many victims of the troubles. In those early years counseling was extremely limited, because of this I was asked to help thousands of people caught up in the conflict, ranging from the rescue service personnel who had to go into the aftermath of bombings,  to the people caught up in bombings, shootings, bomb scares, armed robberies, the list was endless.

For example, a woman came to see me with chronic insomnia, this was due to the fact that she woke up one night to 4 gunmen standing around her bed. Then there is  the survivor from the Kegworth air disaster who needed to overcome their fear of flying. There are countless stories like these, and I am sure that no other Hypnotherapist had to do what I had to !                            

Sadly, I still get people with these problems coming to see me even now at my Northern Ireland clinics.

Fast Track Hypnosis - the beginning.

It was because of this, I came away from my conventional training of Analytical Hypnotherapy where people would normally be regressed into their childhood to try to recall the originating cause of their panic attacks, or other problems.                                       

This could take up to 15 sessions to achieve, when clearly it wasn't in their childhood at all, it had happened right then !

So, I created the Fast Track Hypnotherapy System, with amazing results.

I came away from conventional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and developed my own techniques, (also introducing specialised equipment from America to speed up the whole process ).  I achieved this by cutting everything down to the fastest way possible using hypnosis, without losing any effectiveness, so my clients could get over their particular problems - FAST!

All of these people had suffered quite enough and just wanted treatment as quickly as possible so they could get on with their lives.

And that is exactly what I did and still continue to do!


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